I Want a Screencast!

• Sponsored Screencast

With a sponsorship you get:

  • A tutorial/walkthrough screencast of about 8-15 minutes length.
  • Non-rotating banner position on this website and macosxscreencasts.de. (1 month)
  • Exposure to Mac OS X Screencasts following on macosxscreencasts.com, macosxscreencasts.de, our Twitter page, and our Tumblr.
  • The screencast will have a Mac OS X Screencasts branding.
  • Embed on your site using YouTube.
  • Exact time of publishing is dependent on availability of posting slots. (We post one video per week.)

Costs: €350 ($440)
Banner booking can be extended separately.

• Custom Screencast

We want to make the best product. The best product for your app.
A custom video ensures you reach your audience the best way possible.

  • You get as little or as much control over the production as you want. Let us do the work entirely, or have the final word on every scene.
  • Professional production with professional voice-overs.
  • Any language possible. Choose your preferred voice from our talents.
  • Multiple languages possible. Optionally: multi-lingual subtitles.
  • Embed on your site with a player of your choice. We’ll assist you in finding the best solution.
  • Sometimes a traditional “screencast” isn’t the best choice for a product. That’s why we also offer motion graphics, 3D animations, stop-motion, and even recordings with actors and models.
  • Finally you will get visuals that no other screencast has, such as custom tap and click animations, title animations and graphics that match your app design. This will help your audience get the most unique experience.

Costs: From €1000 ($1200). Get a quote via email.