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Useful Tricks for 0 Money

While surfing the web, I often come across interesting, cool and useful things. Most of them can impossibly fit into a 15 minute screencast. That’s why I collect those things for later and am now presenting them to you.
Useful Tricks for 0 Money.


Create a personalized start-site for iPhone with iphome. Get quick access to popular search engines and web services like flickr or YouTube.


Found at Lifehacker

What’s Keeping Me

Sometimes the Finder tells us that a certain file can’t be deleted when the Trash is emptied. Something still “uses” tat file. Something? Sounds like Windows!
With What’s Keeping Me it’s easy to find out which process is still accessing that file – without commandline-fu.


Rename Service

I know many people who want to install a special App to rename multiple files quickly. That’s not necessary, since Automator can create a Service which does exactly that.


Get rid of unwanted Flash content with ClickToFlash. Special function: Download YouTube videos as Quicktime Movies.


Keyboard Cleaner

Cleaning a keyboard can be tedious, because the machine has to be turned off. Not anymore with Keyboard Cleaner. The App creates an overlay which suppresses all keyboard entries and mouse clicks.



Google Reader

Adding new feeds to Google Reader can also be tedious. This small bookmarklet also creates an overlay in Safari which lists all avalaible RSS and Atom feeds at the site. A click adds them to Google Reader.



Shareaholic is also a Firefox Add-On – known fact – but what some people don’t know. Shareaholic is also a very good bookmarklet. Once clicked an overlay lists a (customized!) list of web services like Evernote, HootSuite, Google Reader, Twitter and many more. A simple click to share/bookmark/add/whatever the site right from within any web browser.