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What’s new in Mountain Lion?

  • Twitter:
    • Photo Booth can set profile picture
  • Facebook will come later
  • Messages: iChat is now Messages
  • Notification Center:
  • Sharing:
    • Shortcut to send: ⇧⌘D
    • Set custom shortcuts per Keyboard Shortcuts
    • Mail
      • New options in Mail to send page, link, or PDF.
    • Twitter from Notification Center
    • AirDrop: AirDrop for older MacBooks
  • Mail: VIPs
  • iCloud: iCloud is everywhere
  • TextEdit:
    • Pinch to zoom
    • Documents in the cloud
  • Preview:
    • Documents in the cloud
    • Sharing
  • Calendar:
    • Previously named iCal
    • The calendar list is back
    • All “todos” have moved to Reminders
  • Reminders:
    • Is able to create location aware reminders
    • Swipe between lists
    • View multiple lists at once with ⌘-click
  • Notes:
    • Change default font
    • Pin notes
  • Safari:
    • Do Not Track
    • Smart search field combines search and address bar
    • Offline reading list
      • Saves articles for reading.
      • Downloads articles over multiple pages.
      • Syncs with iOS 6
    • Tab view
      • Pinch with two finger
      • ⇧⌘\
    • iCloud tabs syncs tabs with iOS 6 devices
  • Finder:
    • Inline progress for downloads and file copies
    • Easy encryption of devices
    • QuickLook with three-finger tap-gesture
  • Game Center:
    • Chess has Game Center integration
  • Mac App Store:
    • OS X updates integrated
    • Apps push to other computer
    • Notifications for updates
  • Gatekeeper: Saves users from malware (hopefully)
  • Time Machine:
    • Backup to multiple locations
    • Encrypted bakups
  • Launchpad:
    • Search is automatically highlighted
    • Spotlight and Launchpad search for initial characters in apps, e.g. “ft” to find “FaceTime”
  • Dock:
    • New look
    • Dragging icons inadvertently out of the Dock is now harder. Drag icon and hold it for a while until the “poof” appears
  • Dictation:
  • Auto Save:
    • Document management directly from the menubar
    • Move To…: doesn’t move to trash
    • Rename…
    • Save To…: is back, but is called “Duplicate”
    • Revert to…
  • Accessibility:
    • Summon Accessibility pane with global shortcut: ⌥⌘F5
  • Other:
    • Full screen on any display
      • Drag app to display and press fullscreen
      • Doesn’t work with two apps…
    • Drag and drop files in screen sharing
    • Screen saver
      • Photo Stream screen saver
      • New screen saver slideshows
    • Photo picker allows to choose Faces
    • X11 and Java install on demand
  • Exclusive for newer models
    • AirPlay
      • Mirroring requires “newer model” MacBook
      • New H.264 video chip that is not built into earlier laptops is required.
      • The chip is also found in the iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and 3. They are responsible for encoding the mirroring signal there.
    • Power Nap
      • Only available for customers of “SSD” laptops. Also only for newer models.
      • Installs updates and runs backups while Mac is sleeping
    • QuickTime X
      • High performance H.264 encoding
      • Also only for newer models
  • This is not everything