I’m a developer and need a screencast!

Just get in contact!
For more information about these kind of services have a look at the official zCasting 3000 homepage.


Our screencast are optimized for quality. That means, unfortunately, they can’t play on an iPhone. That’s the downside of good quality.
However, they are playing fine on an iPad!

What is this?

Mac OS X Screencasts is an open joint venture.
Everyone who want to publish a screencast on this site can do so by getting in touch with us!

Please understand that we can’t publish every video we get!

Who makes Mac OS X Screencasts?

To answer this question have a look at our Team page.


A long time ago a friend named macfidelity had the idea that Falko, Rosenkrieger and Andreas should join their forces. He recommended creating a Vimeo group. That group wasn’t hard to setup, but soon became too small. So we started looking for an alternative.
The first name we tried was “macosxscreencasts.com”, which was still available by that time. Not long after registering the domain, a website has been setup and we started publishing screencasts.

Do you have blog buttons?

Sure! Rosenkrieger created some neat blog buttons:

  • Micro button:
    • http://macosxscreencasts.com/wp-content/themes/macosxscreencasts/buttons/osxscreencasts_80x15.png
  • Square button:
    • http://macosxscreencasts.com/wp-content/themes/macosxscreencasts/buttons/osxscreencasts_125x125.png

Make me become a screencaster!

That’s easy. Just have a look at our how to manual.

I need help with my Mac!

Given that we are not a group of support persons, we have to redirect those kind of questions to other sites. Forums, IRC channels and the like turn out to be the place where someone can find fast and competent help.